I make them in small quantities and once it sells it may not come back, act quick! Make your own super soft minky baby blanket with this minky baby blanket tutorial. This is such a fun baby sewing project. You should have strange-looking corners like in the picture. You will need to cut one piece from the backing fabric (for me this was the white Minky dot plush) to the size of 36″ x 46″. What is a Minky Baby Blanket? Filter by. You are now about halfway done with making your Minky Baby Blanket. 15% Discount on All Orders. Minky fabric is so wonderful for baby blankets. Pin around the edges, every few inches, leaving a 6” gap on one side. Then fold in half the other way and pin at the fold there too. Make the stretch of the fabric on the 38" side. Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial. Lay the blanket backing side down on the table and smooth out so that the backing fabric is as evenly distributed all the way around the blanket. She calls them her “geegees”. Why, might you ask? So when you are done there will be little fuzzy pieces all over the floor. Minky fabric is comforting for any age as used in blankets or other accessories. We show you How To Sew A Minky Baby Blanket! Start about 4 inches down from it in each direction. I think … However, you could make this same blanket with one side Minky and one side flannel. You will need to cut one piece from the backing fabric (for me this was the white Minky dot plush) to the size of 36" x 46". It is an easy clean up with a vacuum. This time it is ok to pin every few inches and not as close as you did at the start. Line them up by making the center pin marks match up. 1. Do this to both pieces of fabric. Stop stitching a half-inch before the end of the top fabric. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I receive a small commission when you purchase through these links at no cost to you. Pin the corner lined fabric in place at an angle just as it meets the fabric underneath. To make corners easier to turn cut off the point for squared corners to reduce the fabric bulk or add snips into the fabric on curves (don’t cut through the stitching!). Then, lay the blanket backing side down on the table and smooth out so that the backing fabric is as evenly distributed all the way around the blanket. And what’s better than a baby blanket? Next, on the last side it is done pretty much the same as the other 3. Line them up by making the center pin marks match up. As you can see in the pictures I pinned about an inch apart. Because it is so soft of course! Make a throw for your couch. Deal. And one with an earthy green and blue geode panel. I bought the material needed, … Trim away the excess minky. It is just the right weight. Every single blanket is sewn by me to last a lifetime using only the very best fabric. Custom minky blankets made with the best quality minky! Maybe it is because they are made with love. You literally take a super cute cotton print or panel and slap it together with some silky soft minky and voila – easy baby gift! ***If sewing a Minky Blanket with Flannel you may also find These MUST HAVE TIPS FOR SEWING WITH FLANNEL FABRIC helpful. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Then place the cotton on top, right side down to line up the edges. I love the pattern of the black and white fabric! You can leave the corners square if you wish – I just find that rounded corners are easier to turn and sew. June: There are lots of minky baby blankets for sale on etsy. Then cut the top fabric (mine was the black and white Minky cuddle) to the size of 28" x 38". Unit price / per . We made this using Minky fabric on both sides. Do this to both pieces of fabric. 3. When you purchase fabric it is rarely cut perfectly straight so you need to trim the edges to form a nice rectangle shape. Sewing half in each direction helps to keep the stretch from getting off and out of control. Sort by. I made two of these. You will need 1 Yard or Fat Half of Minky Fabric. I hope your babies in your life love it as much as the ones in mine have loved the ones I’ve made them! Personalized Minky Baby Blanket or Lovey - Premier Dandelion Cuddle Silver/Snow - Baby Girl - Custom Made - Double Minky- gray and pink ModernMommaHandmade. And yet, minky is one of those fabrics that even the most experienced sewer is likely to shy away from. Get more Others , Delhi NCR, NCR City, NCRCities, NCRCities.com Do a backstitch at the start and finish. Or maybe you'd like to make it for a 1st or 2nd birthday present. The … Now, turn the whole blanket over and lay it so that those pins are flat. Put your arm into the hole to poke the corners out from the inside. FREE Baby Blanket Sewing Pattern - DIY Minky Baby Blanket Pattern. Post contains affiliate links. Welcome to your happiest adventure with happiest camper! Regular price 49.00 Regular price Sale price 49.00 Sale. Repeat step 4 with 2 more sides. Find here Blankets, Winter Blanket exporters & OEM exporters India. Or if you wanted you could even just make it with flannel. Do a backstitch at the start and finish. Making a minky baby blanket is pretty easy, even for beginners, plus you'll be making one that's just as nice as the ones you find at the baby … Minky Pet Blanket in Brown and Cream Biscuit $24.25 32 x 38 inches Gray and Blue Minky Baby Blanket for a Baby Boy, Silver Satin Ruffle Minky Blanket $44.44 $59.25 Applique Bunny Light Pink and Gray Rosebud Swirl Minky 32 x 38 inch Baby Girl Blanket $44.44 $59.25 Navy Minky Dot and Silver Gray Deer Print Minky Blanket $32.44 $43.25 As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is very cuddly and plush that no one can resist its incredible softness. Using the zigzag stitch, stitch all the way around the blanket where the two meet and are pinned. Just something about them that makes it better than store bought. Before you are sewing check out Sewing With Minky Tips These tips will make it much easier. Months ago I watched a friend make one of these minky blankets and I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Baby blankets can be … Their multi-purpose baby blankets are perfect for swaddling, play time, tummy time and more. Then fold in half the other way and pin at the fold there too. Kids N' Such Minky Baby Blanket 30" x 40" - Grey Arrow - Soft Swaddle Blanket for Newborns and Toddlers - Best for Boys or Girls Crib Bedding, Nursery, and Security - Plush Double Layer Fleece Fabric. Grab the corner fabric and line the edges evenly starting where it meets the top stitched fabric. Please see our policies here. Minky is the absolute softest, coziest material and stays that way wash after wash! These are so simple to make you’ll have a cute and cuddly blanket ready in no time! This Minky Baby Blanket is the perfect thing for a new baby because it is soo soft and super cozy! Time to start sewing! Now, cut off the extra corner fabric. 15% OFF. Minky Blankets. Baby Minky blankets are made from Minky fabrics, a super plush and silky-soft microfiber group of fabrics that come in solids, patterns, and raised dot varieties, among many others.
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