All our products are made of 100% Pure Latex. Since 1999 FoamOrder has been offering top quality foam products for both home and commercial applications. Sofa Cushion – MMFoam Polyurethane foam is low-quality and sinks in a short time. Being a natural product, it is completely biodegradable. Natural hypoallergenic massage memory foam latex pillow Product name Natural hypoallergenic massage memory foam latex pillow material polyester, cotton, coral velvet, terry cloth, short plush, etc. Latex Upholstery Foam "Cut to Size" Quality materials are as important as craftsmanship in the upholstery industry; whether your needs call for design and construction of new upholstered furniture, re-upholstering existing furniture, or restoring antiques, great foam is the key component that determines the look and feel of the finished product. Manufacturers use two different methods for making natural latex foam. For any measurement assistance, call us on 8608507373. Latex foam is a manufactured foam product popular in a wide range of cushions and mattress products. Additional information. Soft but resilient, latex foam is much more durable than other conventional foam products. Latex foam is used in top of the line products. All Natural: LX26: Medium: 100% Natural Latex derived from the rubber tree. We are one of the leading producers of rubber foam mattress, pillows, cushions, contour pillows ®, classic back wedge, leg wedge, travel neck pillow and portable mattress Confirming to comfort safety and durability. Weight: 1 kg: Dimensions: 40 × 40 cm: Reviews There are no reviews yet. We offer Regency Natural Latex Rubber Foam Cushions that are neatly stitched out of natural latex from Thailand and using international advanced latex foam technology, which is with virtue of comfortable, healthy, natural, mite and bacillus prevention. Natural Latex Foam Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a firm specializing in providing 100% natural latex foam Pillows, Mattresses, Toppers, Cushions and other connected … Latex foam is super dense because of the manufacturing process. Whether indoor or outdoor foam cushions, natural latex or polyurethane foam, neoprene or closed cell foam, we look forward to meeting your … Replacement Covers; See All Bedding. Natural Latex Foam Lanka Pvt Ltd. (NLFL) is a 100% Sri Lankan company Engaged in providing Eco friendly natural latex foam mattresses & pillows to the global & local markets. Latex mattresses provide maximum support and pressure relief, alleviating sore backs and necks, as well as the assorted aches and pains generated by other mattresses, particularly non-foam and short-lasting foam bedding. Natural Latex Rubber Doesn't Sleep Hot, but has more Resilient Power. We guarantee that all our products are made out of natural latex foam & certain in offering the best products to our customers at an affordable price with a 25 year warranty. Latex foam is hypoallergenic and strongly resistant to microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and mildew. J J FOAM RUBBERS established in 1986 manufacturing high quality natural latex rubber foam from the land of latex, Kottayam.We also produce high quality PU foam cushions for … Free from toxin and synthetic or artificial latex. Be the first to review “Cushion Sofa Latex 40×40” Cancel reply. KTT Enterprises provides custom design & manufacturing services of Talalay latex foam products such as cosmetic applicators, mattresses, pillows, bedding, ink pad foam, and latex upholstery foam products. Latex mattresses are known for being durable, natural and healthy but aren't known for comfort.Latex foam is a type of foam designed to outlast traditional spring mattresses. Latex is a natural, renewable resource with a life expectancy of nearly 20 years, compared to 10-15 years for standard foam. It can be made using natural or synthetic ingredients.A latex mattress roughly provides comfort equivalent to that of a spring mattress, but with extended durability (10-30 years). Natural Latex. Our Arpico natural latex comes in 6” slabs and as large as 76” x 80.” Since it is Dunlop processed, the molds are as large as an Eastern King. 100% natural latex foam products Indonesia, natural latex mattresses, latex pillows, natural latex foam, latex sofa cushions. Seat Cushions; Mattress Toppers Add softness and luxury to your existing mattress with our GreenGuard Gold certified latex or memory foam toppers. Natural latex foam can be cut to almost any size. Our Arpico natural latex comes in 6” slabs and as large as 76” x 80.” Since it is Dunlop processed, the molds are as large as an Eastern King. -Naturally dust-mite resistant-Hypo-allergenic-An Generally, synthetic latex foams are far more affordable than natural ones. Natural latex pillows and cushions Our high-quality, all natural latex pillows are the solution you’re looking for to solve the riddle of achieving a comfortable and pain-free night of sleep! Built on a solid birch wood frame, this couch has slightly curved track arm and four tapered feet in a natural wood finish. Buy Foams India® 100% Natural Latex Foam® PinCore Cushion Size-21 * 22 * 3 Inch online at low price in India on Natural latex foam, made from materials harvested from rubber trees, is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew. While the primary ingredient will almost always be liquid latex, many manufacturers will add in synthetic components or additives to their recipe (up to 60% of the mixture in many cases). At Patex, there are a huge range of products available for customer. All-natural botanical latex is a natural, renewable product secreted in fluid form by a multitude of plant species; most latex used in foam manufacture is harvested from the prolifically productive rubber tree plant, Hevea brasiliensis. Cash On Delivery These are appreciated for longer life and reliability and are in demand by our customers. You’ll be amazed at just how much of a difference you’ll feel sleeping atop any one of our outstanding latex pillows, cushions, and … Free Shipping. Available in standard sizes of 559 mm length and 533 mm width, with thicknesses of 75 mm and 100 mm. Take It With You: We stitch a convenient, reinforced handle seat to make our Seat Cushions easy to carry. SIZE. These products - included natural latex mattress, natural latex foam sheet, natural latex pillow, baby set (set of latex baby-pillow and latex foam sheet), carpet underlay, fire retarded carpet underlay and etc - are available in different shape, size and hardness. Featuring a bench style seat, the single foam-filled cushion has button tufting that adds to the traditional mid-century look. *Premium spring/latex foam Combines the support of springs and the resilience and shape retention of foam. All Latex foam is natural One of the first steps in creating a latex foam mattress is gathering the ingredients and creating a liquid latex mixture that will be poured into a mattress mold. Natural latex, derived from the sap output of Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber) trees, can make all the difference in how you wake up, after a night of sleep. ASO-SLING Natural Latex Seat Cushion Square Chair Pads Hips Orthopaedic Pillow Mats Coccyx Protect Chair Cushion $34.19 OrganicTextiles Organic Latex Seat Cushion with 100% Organic Cotton Cover (3” Inch Medium Firm, Removable), Zippered Cover, Machine Washable, Lower Back … SIZE. Available in 20″ x 20″ x 4″ and 20″ x 20″ x 2.5″ sizes . The latex foam can be used in combination with innerspring units or wrapped with wool. Available in standard sizes of 559 mm length and 533 mm width, with thicknesses of 75 mm and 100 mm. Name: Dunlop Latex Foam: General Information Our Dunlop latex foam is 100 percent natural latex with a medium feel. Overall, latex is a comfortable material that holds up well. The two back cushions are removable, and also foam-filled for an inviting look and feel. This foam type also has superior ventilation because it has perforations placed into it during the manufacturing process. Customization and comfort go hand in hand, which is why the Verona line is available in both our original arm height (30"), as well as a lower-arm version (23"). Optimum back support Get the support your back requires with mattresses that conform seamlessly to the weight and curves of your body. Cushions are custom made, Returns and replacements acceptable only under any manufacturing defects. A mix of natural latex and polyurethane foam. 100 % Natural Latex Laminated Cushions. Crystal Cove Yoga The Crystal Cove Yoga pillow collection is 100% Certified Vegan by Vegan Action. This ability to be resized, along with its flexibility and its comfort, makes it a high-end fill to any piece of furniture. FoamOrder - Your Resource for custom & replacement cushions, outdoor furniture cushions, latex mattresses and toppers, and foam of all types.. Filling polyester microfiber fiber, cotton, animal fiber, memory foam ,latex,etc. Also, our natural Talalay latex seat cushions come in Softer and Firmer options—choose what’s most comfortable for you. If you’re considering having your furniture reupholstered, ask an upholsterer about using 100 percent natural latex foam. Rubber tree sap is processed to foam and is poured into moulds of required shape to manufacture the different products. The polymers within it link up to give the material its signature elasticity. Features. Foams India® bed product is a 100% Natural latex foam manufacturing company in Thiruvarkandu, Chennai . Rubber gives the foam a natural bouncy feel. The latex foam is both plush yet firm, resisting the pressure you place upon it for the ultimate support. CUSHION . For both natural and synthetic latex, the liquid coagulates. Natural Latex Foam Products. we also take orders to make customer size cushions. 100% Natural Latex foam cushions Superior comfort and gives good back support Anti- microbial and hygienic Warranty : 7 years Custom-made cushions are available. Also for the orders above 200 pcs there will be a … The result is indentations in furniture cushions. Our 2" Organic Latex Seat Cushion is made with GOLS-Certified Organic Latex and covered in either an Organic Cotton or Bamboo Rayon covering that is soft to the touch while durable enough to withstand everyday use. We handcraft our Eco-Comfy Seat Cushions in our Los Angeles facility with natural materials, including organic cotton and either charcoal-infused memory foam or 100% GOLS organic certified latex. It is also the only foam that is made from the extract of rubber. No flame retardants or other toxic chemicals Our furniture not only contain no chemical flame retardants, but also NO formaldehyde glue, cardboard, metal coils, particle board, plywood, veneer, polyester, polypropylene, polyurethane, toxic stains, dacron batting, feathers or down. LUXURIOUS LATEX - The Original All Natural Latex Foam Rubber: Latex Hybrid: LH21: Medium Soft: Latex Hybrid. Typical life is 18 to 30 years. This airflow makes the foam more comfortable. Natural Latex Foam Manufacturing Methods. Sofa Cushion Natural Latex By MM Foam Feel the comfort and support of 100% natural latex on your sofa. Natural latex foam can be cut to almost any size. Feel the comfort and support of 100% natural latex on your sofa. NNM loveseats and armchairs are made with natural Talalay latex foam, high quality fabrics and beautiful hardwood. This ability to be resized, along with its flexibility and its comfort, makes it a high-end fill to any piece of furniture.